Artelier is a fun and creative youth performance school, which offers a variety of services and an exciting program called Hong Kong Youth Drama Ambassador Inc, You can see us in action on video or to get social with us!

the story

Artelier is more than just a youth
performance school. It is a theatre
to help its students to find their
own voices and take them on
a journey beyond our
own imagination

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Theatre has the magical power of awakening. By providing a professional drama training and building a safe yet friendly environment, participants are encouraged to express their emotions, to explore the unknown, to exchange ideas and to grow.


Through performance making, we rebuild our tradition of storytelling. With the technique of devising and verbatim, we aim to nurture our next generation the ability to observe, to appreciate and to be touched by the stories happen around us.


As a cornerstone of the organization, strategic alliance with foreign and international organization has benefited the establishment not only in its offering the programmes but also the opportunities for talent interchange and joint performances.


To help the youngster to be:

vigilant, confident and independent

They are able to contribute to their social and cultural development and aspire to excellence. We nurture the future generations their aesthetic sense and create a barrier free life-time art engagement, which promotes the quality of live.


Zoe Lai (M. Fine Arts, Theatre Practice at University of Exeter, UK - won the Dean's Commendation Award) is the founder of Hong Kong Youth Drama Ambassador Scheme at Artelier. She is an all-rounded artist, who specialises in devising theatre and site-specific theatre work. Zoe is also a director, performer and drama instructor in Hong Kong and Europe since 2007.

Zoe has also worked for St Pancras International (UK), Tate Modern (UK), Serpentine Gallery (UK), Zecora Ura Theatre (BRAZIL), Depravado Teatro (SPAIN) and Theatre Association Le Retour d'Ulysse (FRANCE). She has initiated overseas projects and produced performances in Camden Fringe Festival, Liverpool Emergency Festival, Manchester Hazard Festival, as well as Exeter Fringe Festival.

She was invited to participate in the 1-month residency programme at the Grotowski Institute, Poland and Depravado Theatre in Madrid. Recently she has devised a site-specific performance Broken Wings. It was premiered in Poland at "Theatre Festival Of the Sun" in 2011. The performance is devised from a series of interviews with the Chinese and Polish immigrants.

Since 2007, Zoe has taught in more than 30 schools in Hong Kong. She has also worked for several community centers in the UK, such as Peckham Settlement for the black kids and Age Concern Exeter. In 2012, Zoe was representing Hong Kong to attend the international seminar of non-formal education, Brave Kids Seminar, at the UNESCO Headquarter in Paris.



Artelier is active in offering
a range of engaging
in facilitating the
art performance needs for
any youth and young
children to have fun with.

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Arts in Community

In art we share and live. We organise performance projects and drama workshops in the community for children, youth and elderly. We can tailor programme to meet different needs.

International Art Exchange Programme

We organize overseas art programme at London for youth in Hong Kong and mainland China. Programme includes art and drama training, sight-seeing and performance. Participants enjoy the creative freedom as well as the joy of travelling. Details will be announced shortly in the website.



Take a look at our Hong Kong
Youth Drama Ambassador Inc

program. We have recently
performed in Poland in
the summer.

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To enable young people to realise their potential through the arts.

To encourage some of the most vulnerable young people in our community to get involved in high-quality arts projects.

To nurture our future leaders by providing them an unparalleled and cross-cultural learning experience.

To provide an exchange of ideas with an ethnically diverse and socially responsible group of international leaders.

3 months of drama training program

3 months of drama training program for a group of 20 students, age 13 -16, to learn the basic skills of drama.

Skills involve: improvising, devising, acting, singing and ensemble work.

6 selected representatives

3 months of drama training program for a group of 20 students, age 13 -16, to learn the basic skills of drama.

3 weeks of training in poland

The representatives will spend 3 weeks training in Poland, living with the local host families and other young people from more than 20 countries, including Uganda, Norway, Israel etc. Professional artists will teach the drama and dance skills during the 3 weeks training.


"Kids teach kids" -- The representatives will teach and learn from other young people their special skills.


A performance will be made together with 100 young people from all over the world. It will be shown as the finale of Brave Festival.

2012 Hong Kong Youth Drama Ambassador scheme was held successfully with the help of the following parties:
  • Mr Yeung Kam Kwong and Mrs Yeung Yung Yu Yuk
  • APM
  • Sun Hung Kai Property Ltd
  • Dr. Leung Kin Hang
  • Mr Chui Yun Pui
  • Ms Yeung Siu Yau
  • Ms Tam Wai Han
  • Ms Zosia Sozanska
Click here to view the press information of Hong Kong Youth Drama Ambassador Inc.
You can also contact Zoe Lai for more information


At Artelier, we like to spend
our energetic spirits on
different medium - from
radio with RTHK, to clips
from SCMP

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At Artelier, we like to spread
our energetic spirits through
different medium:

CRHK 商業電台

小小西九 - Part 1Part 2
Sept 9, 2012

RTHK 香港電台

Arts News 藝壇快訊 - Play
Sept 3, 2012


A Show of Global Unity
Sept 20, 2012



Get social with us and share
the fun
at Artelier with all
your friends!

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